Luminous Robots

Web  and  graphic  design  by  Eric  Williams


15SLPC emblem design

These are rough, unfinished samples. Each has a number to refer to in discussion.


For a scenic picture of Yosemite to be clear, it probably has to be the full width of the shirt design. This example is rough, but you can see how the cliffs and treeline are going to be difficult to depict very clearly. Even harder is connecting this clearly to the slogan (the slogan and picture have no tangible relationship, and the shirt says "Fresno State University", which further disconnects from scenery that's over two hours distant).



With words over the cliffs, they become harder to comprehend. Keep in mind this should be clear at very small sizes. The connection to, specifically, Yosemite is again not clear.



A simpler background increases legibility and connects better to "dream".



Extremely simplified for clarity.



This amount of detail might not be clear when it's small. The last SLPC shirt also has "hosted by the bay area region", so I don't know if a similar phrase needs to be added to this year's design.



Simpler design. 



The same design as above, shown as a glow-in-the-dark shirt. I don't know if our screen printer (Jim) works with that type of ink, but it exists.


The difficulty with clarity is partly because we are working with just one color of ink, since that's more affordable. Here is Yosemite in just 3 tones, with reasonable clarity.

But with just one tone removed, the resulting 2-tone image is much less clear. At a large enough size, with considerable work, this could be made clearer. But for small images (with lots of surrounding words), it's very difficult to make clear.

Connecting a small scenic view to the slogan is difficult, and clearly stating "Yosemite" without adding words is very difficult unless there's an iconic view that I'm not remembering.